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STARS Solution Development and Service Delivery Platform

The Issue

Every year private and public entities in all sectors allocate funds at all jurisdictional levels to provide essential services, often failing to consider group dynamics and procurement priorities that can negatively impact outcomes. Yet they expect providers in the major technology sectors to provide systems and services at all levels of the supply chain. (See the STARS Universe on the next page.)

These high level considerations are further complicated by social, technical, and economic applications and implications for each star with no common starting point and no straight path from allocation to outcomes.

The Solution

The Shared Technology and Resources Solutions (STARS) program is the only program that addresses all the above points and overcomes longtime barriers while also answering critical questions for predictable outcome and deliverables for affordable and sustainable solutions.

The Program

The STARS program creates a public-private partnership (P3) with a local nonprofit to develop a revenue-generating services delivery platform that is not subscriber or market share dependent. The program is a third-party pay platform like Facebook, Instagram and others that provide services to users via their platforms and others stakeholders, partners, and customers provide sustaining revenues. The program also leverages Public Benefit Conveyance to provide affordable housing and initial funding.

The Approach

The STARS program completes a free assessment of the prospective market with preliminary research, revenue projections and business case. A Fast Funding First Steps proposal containing the proposed initial capitalization for the public-private partnership is provided to the champion(s) and sponsor(s).

The Providers

The STARS program is not a service provider but uses providers at all levels to deliver solutions. The program is vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic seeking only to provide a best-in-class service delivery platform to members and partners in the target market.

The Process

If the champions or sponsors decide to move forward the STARS team will reconcile the preliminary data and conclusions and execute the Fast Funding agreement for initial funding and proof of concept. If the funding strategies and goals are achieved we move forward with a Public-Private Partnership Letter-of-Intent outlining the terms and conditions and next steps.