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Overview Of STARS

The Shared Technology & Resources Solution (STARS) program, which was created by the Advanced Technology Group (ATG), is a platform from which Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are created to address community-based economic development activities that require broadband access to be successful, such as telemedicine, online education, remote manufacturing, etc. STARS is the only economically viable solution for the "last mile" challenge that has prevented broadband/5G from becoming available for economic and social development purposes to rural and small urban communities.

Program Components

STARS has two primary components: a Service Delivery Platform that enables broadband/5G service providers to provide those services to customers, and a P3 Analytical Framework that enables a rapid assessment/development of the business case that will support the delivery of those services to customers.

Service Delivery Platform

STARS is technology agnostic; i.e., the form of service delivery distribution is not dependent on a specific technology solution, but rather is dependent on available technologies, whether they be fiber optic or cable distribution systems. ATG's proprietary Service Delivery Platform is built on two decades of experience in the IT field developing innovative solutions to complex IT integration issues, such as technology integration for broadband. It is a technology approach that has been validated by IBM and other major service providers as being innovative, disruptive, cost effective and capable of being scaled nationally

Modified Mesh Network

P3 Analytical Framework

ATG has developed a scalable P3 Analytical Framework that can produce a free assessment of the prospective market to the community with detailed demographic, business and census research; key economic/social drivers; and a detailed business case, complete with financials and operational details. Ultimately, a community-based Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) will be formed, using a standardized STARS Template, to execute the STARS program.

STARS Multi-level Relationship Strategy


Value Propositions for Supply-side Partners: Backhaul/Backbone connectivity, Smart Grid/Tech, Billing Partner, Off-loading, Small Cells, DAS, Leverage Existing Customer Bases

Value Propositions for Demand-side Stakeholders: Broadband, Service Delivery Platform, Access to Technology, Access to Healthcare, Members Services, Emerging Technologies


Representative Partner Relationships by Funding Strategy or Solution*

Type / Share CDC 504 Loan Type / Share Private Investor(s)

Member / 55%

Strategic Partner-Capitalization

Investor / 40%

Capitalization- Bond

Member / 15%

Strategic Partner-Management

Member / 55%

LLC Owner-Operator

Member / 10%

TBD - Local Business / Farm

Member / 15%

LLC Manager

Member / 10%

TBD - Local Nonprofit

Member / 10%

Local Entity

Member / 5%

TBD - Local Utility or Provider

Member / 10%

Local or Regional EMC

Member / 5%

TBD - Regional Partner

Member / 10%

Nonprofit / Church